Educational work

The specificity of the educational work of the department is the qualitative features of the humanities - be a means of formation of the reativity and spiritual world of the young individual. The range of areas of knowledge represented in the training of the department are very significant. The department teaches cadets, students and trainees following courses:

  • philosophy;
  • history of Philosophy;
  • philosophy of law;
  • philosophical aspects of the theory of state and law;
  • philosophy and methodology of science;
  • religious;
  • history of Ukraine;
  • history of ukrainian culture;
  • sociology;
  • politology;
  • the foundations of democracy;
  • foundations of demography;
  • social work;
  • public relations;
  • philosophy of state management;
  • theory and practice of education.

Despite the diversity of these branches of knowledge, they are closely linked by sociocultural process. It is therefore important that during the educational work department pays special attention to the development of independent thinking cadets and students, their ability to design and argument their point of view, facilitate the formation of public spirit and active life position. In this regard, the work of the department implemented the principle of unity of training and education.

The department is actively working on the creation of textbooks according to the world view, of general and specific principles which it developed in the course of collective professional activity.

The Department conducts training activities in ways that best meet its specificity.

Seminar-conference on discipline "Theory of Religion"

On March 25, 2015 at the International Scientific Conference of cadets and students "Problems and prospects for Civil Protection" was held a subsection meeting on "Humanitarian support of operational-rescue units"



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