Articles and publishing

Employees of Department of social and humanitarian disciplines of National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine are active participants in the scientific and methodological forums of Ukraine and other countries. Staff of Department constantly improve their own level of skill, methodological developments, introduce the latest scientific ideas and innovations. The department is constantly working on publishing achievements of its scientific and technical work. Studying editions implementing general theoretical and ideological principles that made by Department as a subject of academic work, in the process of collective professional activity.

Staff of Department are the authors of textbooks, advisers, guidance on the subjects which are taught. So in 2009 published a comprehensive package of tests on discipline "History of Ukraine" in 2011 - textbook "Philosophy", recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and anthology of discipline "History of Ukraine", lectures on subjects "Basics of democracy" and "Fundamentals of public relations" in 2012, lectures on discipline "Philosophy and Methodology of Science", "Social Work" in 2013. Scientific-methodical editions department focused to give knowledge for cadets, students and applicants of the institution.



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