The department of general psychology is the leading structural sub-unit of the social and psychological Faculty of the National University of Civil Defence of Ukraine.

The Department was created on the August, 2 2002 by order № 777 of the MHA of Ukraine. The main goal of the department is to prepare  specialists of the educational degree “Bachelor”, “Master”in the speciality 053 “Psychology”.

The department of general psychology is aimed to prepare the highly qualified professionals in the fields of extreme and crisis psychology, constantly modernize educational process according to the labour market demands and the international tendencies of the educational system's development. Department members publish regularly in professional psychologically-oriented journals and anthologies and some produce monographs as well. The staff is very active in cooperation with the allied faculties of the other univercities.

Department staff: 7 research and educational workers, 5 of them have a Ph.D. degree and 1 has Doctor of Sciences degree.

Heads of department:

- 2002-2006 — colonel of civil protection serviсe, doc. Olefir Valerij Olexandrovich, Ph.D;

- 2006-2011 — colonel of civil protection serviсe, prof. Perelygina Lina Anatoliivna, Dr.;

- from 2011 — Lieutenant General of civil protection service, prof. Sadkoviy Volodymyr Petrovich, Ph.D.

Department's main areas of activities:

  1. The department provides educational programs for bachelors, specialists and masters in the fields of extreme and crisis psychology.
  2. Scientific researches and articles, organizing of psychological trainings and programmes are a sufficient part of co-working between department members and students.
  3. Close cooperation with administrative and practical departments for students' training is established, educational practics are provided.
  4. Educational and cultural activies are conducted.



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Social and psychological faculty
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