Department history started with the creation of subject-methodical commission consisting of one of the specialized departments of the Institute of fire safety, more accurately Department of fire protection organization. Department was headed by O.O. Nazarov. In 1996, Ph.D (in psychological sciences) O.O. Nazarov became the founder and first head of the department of social and economic disciplines, which embodies a new level of development of the humanities cycle. The department at that time taught philosophy, history of Ukraine, ukrainian and foreign culture, sociology, political science and some other humanities disciplines.

Since 2002 Department get its present name. At different times the department was headed by: Ph.D., Associate Professor S.V. Tadiyan, Ph.D., associate professor V.V. Hrabrov, Ph.D., associate professor, colonel of civil protection service O.M. Bardin, Ph.D., associate professor T.O. Bilyaev.

Since 2006 and till present time Department is headed by colonel of civil protection service, Doctor of phylosophy, professor, Elena V. Ryabinina.

In the history of department constantly enriched the numbers of subjects that are taught it. Nowdays, Department has 16 subjects that are studied.

Department introduces new technologies of educational work and form training sessions. Department actively implemented creative form of seminars, held debates, round tables and conferences. This makes it possible to raise the level of general culture of cadets and students, build ability and intelligence, ability to communicate, build and support one's position in terms of civilization and culture.

Head of the Department - colonel of civil protection service, Doctor of phylosophy, professor, Elena V. Ryabinina.



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Social and psychological faculty
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